Ship in a Bottle

Being a veteran myself I want to help promote businesses of other veterans. Jim McCurdy is a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer who provides custom nautical products anyone with an affinity for the sea will enjoy. Please check out his website for some really unique gifts. 


The "Ship in a Bottle" is a home/web based business selling authentic US Navy swords, cutlasses, boatswain's pipes and lanyards, genuine US Navy bells and custom bell ropes, ships in bottles, hammocks, toggle ropes and much more. 

Established by Jim McCurdy, a retired navy Senior Chief, THE Ship in a Bottle was founded in late 2007.  

Serving Chief Petty Officers, active and retired military personnel, and the general public with very unique nautical and other items. Jim made the two bell ropes that were seen in the movie "American Sniper" and Boatswain Lanyards used on the set of TNT's "The Last Ship."